Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Triplets Go Home

The girls are now 11 days old and doing so well!! The WHOLE family got to go home together on Monday November 23 at the age of 4 days old!! It was quite sight to see them dressed in their first matching outfits and loaded into their carseats....they look so tiny in them!!! The girls are pictures here in order from left to right of their birth order. Hailey is on the left.... Emma in in the middle....and Olivia is on the far right.

Slowly the girls are getting to meet their family and friends.....here is Addison getting her first view of them!! She was so sweet with them!!!
She is going to be a great big cousin and show them how to do everything!!
Olivia Maire
Hailey Ann

Emma Jo


Carol said...

Oh Debbie...they are just beautiful! What precious, precious gifts.

Sharon Stewart said...

I've been waiting for this update!!! What a sweet bunch of girls you have. And they all have hair. How much fun you're all going to have. Can't wait to see them in person. Hugs to you all!

appleberrycottage said...

The girls are huge! (ok, compared to my crew when they were born!) I hope she has figured out how to feed all 3 at once. If they have a good sucking reflex, try the Podee Hands Free Bottles - one product that I loved!

Anonymous said...

You are sooo lucky to such beautiful granddaughters!

Charlotte No Blog

Penny with Quiltsillustrated said...

Congratulations! I am so happy they are all here and home with Mom and Dad! I think of you, remembering when we met at Long Beach. My twin granddaughters are 5 now, and I wish I lived around the corner so I could help with rocking and diaper changing! Joy from me to you!