Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Sightings

The colors and sounds of spring are finally here!! On my walk out to the mailbox today I so enjoyed the Spring weather we have been waiting for with anticipation for weeks!!

The sky is blue, the grass green, and the daffodils are bursing in yellow!!! The birds are singing and building their nests like crazy!! There is a cow pasture down the road where all the mommy cows are showing off their new little baby cows!! I love how Spring brings so many new things into our lives!! It gives me an energy bust!

Yesterday was an outside work day for Jeff and me. We raked and gathered limbs, limbs, and more limbs that had blown off trees during the winter. There are still is going to take us several more days of working to get them all gathered. We have 5 large walnut trees, 20 or more fir trees, a handful of alders, half a dozen maples and a handful of we have our work cut out for us when the wind blows!!!

I am working on new patterns that should be out soon!! While sitting and stitching this weekend I was able to view these cute little bunnies out my window!!
Hope you are finding signs of spring where you live too!!!

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Carol said...

The daffodils are gorgeous and the bunnies are as cute as they can be.