Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm BACK!!

We are back home safe and sound after a long and quick trip to sunny California!! We left Ontario, CA to head home at 9:00 am on Monday and just kept going until we arrived home at 4:45 am on Tuesday!!! Thank you Jeff for doing ALL the driving and getting us home!!
The Road to California Quilt Show was lots of fun!!
After the long week we had here with Jeff's dad passing away and getting ready for the show I was not that enthusiastic about the trip........but...........
who visited me at my booth and gave me lots so smiles, hugs, and encouraging words I am so
blessed for having been there!! Here are just a few of those friendly faces!!

It is always fun to see faces I regonize from previous years......THANKS FOR COMING BACK....some of you came every day!!
And so fun to make new friends too!! I was truly blessed by all who came!! Quilters are such special people!!

Delma & Sally

Jill & (Mother) Betty

Cynthia (BELOW)

Kim special friends from Stars and Scraps Quilt Shop

Judy, Cindy, Rachael, and Beth
And the weather was so nice!! I got to step outside a couple of times durin gthe day and take in a few sunny rays........this was the first year that I have been at the show and there was no wind.....
Speaking of wind.........we had a huge wind storm at home while we were gone.........lots of damage to may trees.......and homes and power outages!! We had a huge tree blow over on our property but fortunaly it only broke the picnic table.....the top of it missed Jeff's truck by a couple of feet!!

On the right is a home near us that was crushed by a tree!!

We are all unpacked......and getting ready for the weekend......we have family flying in for Jeff's dads' memorial service which will be this Sunday.....It will be a special time of remembering for us!! We so appreciated everyone who gave their condolences!


Rejchrts said...

Hey mom!! I love reading your blogs. They always make me get teary eyed. I love how even though we talk all the time, reading these still gives me a peek into your heart of some stories I don't get to hear. Love you so much, thanks for being the "BEST" mom!!!

Carol said...

OMG, I am so glad your house and Jeff's truck are fine...very scary. I'll be sending tons of good thoughts for all of you on Sunday. ((((((HUGS))))))