Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good bye January 2009!!

Good bye to the longest month of the year!! OH....that's has been the only month of the year!! LOL

WE have had snow, rain, flooding, windstorms, and due to the illness and recent loss of my father in law, January has seemed to be extra long for our family. WE are happy to be moving on into a new month looking forward to new and brighter days!!

Yet, I want to say that I have also been so blessed in this month by so many wonderful and loving friends. You have reached out to us with notes, calls, flowers, food, gifts, hugs, and tears!! Thank you to all my friends!! I love you all!!! Each one of you made the days more bearable!! We also got to spend some special time with family from far and near and treasure the memories we have of days gone by.

Last week I took two days to just stay at home and do mostly nothing!! Since I had not had a day since late December at home by myself or without anything major to tend to..........I decided I needed the down time!! I did a few chores and then sat and stitched while I watched some season 6 of 24!! My kids got me hooked on it!! So good!!

We ended the last day of January 2009 with our adorable granddaughter Addison!!
I picked her up on Friday morning after my MAMMOGRAM

She spent the night with us and most of the day today......... we played and played and played!! We played with dolls, tigger and pooh, ball, we made tents under the table, watched movies, read books, took naps, and played outside on the swing!!
It was so much fun!!

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Carol said...

Sounds like the perfect Nana time...just what you needed!