Monday, December 8, 2008

Hunting Season is OPEN!!

Sunday afternoon the whole family loaded up and went for a drive out to Sleighbells Tree Farm in Sherwood, Oregon!! It is the first time we have all gone together on a Christmas Tree Hunt!!
I am not a hunter but I do know that when hunting it requires one to be very quiet......well thank goodness TREE HUNTING is not this way!! Hey....OVER HERE!! LOOK AT THIS ONE!!

WHAT ABOUT THIS!!......NO OVER HERE!!! CHECK THIS ONE OUT!! TOO SMALL.........TOO BIG.........TOO FAT...........NOT STRAIGHT.........TOO SKINNY..........and the laughing and chatting go on until everyone finds just the right tree that they will take home!!

I hope you all have a fun time on your TREE HUNT for the perfect tree for you and your family!!


Carol said...

Oh how very, very fun!!! Love this new block too...can't wait!

Betty said...

Nice story about your auntie. It's nice to have those memories roaming around in our brains. They help make us what we are today. Your heritage comes out in your designs and your way of living life. Betty

Karen said...

I loved being there LOL! That sounds wonderful! Now me, I usually have my husband cut one down off the side of my driveway, b/c my dad had planted Christmas trees there many years ago, they are now huge Christmas trees, and I don't want them blocking my view. I'm going to have to resort to limbing them soon! Then it will be back to the tree hunt. My husband puts a tree in that goes over the top of the beams in our house! Karen